Angel Community Services is an organization designed to empower individuals through faith, hope, and love... 
FAITH-Believing you can achieve your hopes and dreams
HOPE-Looking toward a brighter tomorrow
LOVE-Sharing God'sunconditional love with others.....
Making a difference one life at a time.


Heavenly Father,
We have been created in the image of You.  Help us to see Your image more clearly and strongly in all creatures of Your love, and particularly in those which we describe as mentally challenged, though they are whole in Your sight, and have a place and purpose in Your divine plan for all mankind.  Help us to enable them to fully participate in the abundant life which is Your will for all human kind.  We are grateful for the opportunity to share our lives with those possessing limited faculties of mind and body.  We do so obliviously, consumed by a love and joy within us which is beyond understanding.   

Angel Community Services, L.L.C.
An HCS Program Provider Serving Texas families statewide.    
"Creating New Lives~One Family at a Time"

Angel Community Services offers over 45 combined years of experience in mental health and mental retardation.  With a fresh enthusiasm and willingness to color “outside of the box” to create a custom (client-centered) service plan for your loved one. 

  We Offer Home and Community Based Services

Integration into a community vs. an institutional setting.  Managing Medicaid waiver program with a variety of services according to the client’s level of need.  Services include case management, nursing, supported home living, foster care, occupation, physical and speech therapy and attendant care for those persons with disabilities in their own home or in an alternate living residence.

  Services and Programs for
 “Our” Clients & Families through HCS

(HCS offers many services to help you stay healthy and become more independent. You pick the services that help you reach your goals. The other services remain available to you if you decide later that you need them.)

· Case Management - An Angel Community Service Provider Manager is available to assist you with service plan development and plan implementation. The case manager meets with you and your family as desired to change the service plan based on changes in your needs and desires, and monitors the services in the plan to make sure it is working to achieve the desired outcomes.

· Foster Care - A facilitated Angel Community Service where you live with a family or individual who provides the assistance and support you need.

· Supervised Living – A 24-hour supervised service provided in 3 to 4 bed Angel Community Service group homes.

·Supported Home Living - A service in your own home or family home. Services can be provided as you choose or your family chooses to assist in taking you places, helping provide personal care, learning new things, and helping with medical issues.

·  Respite - A service provided if receiving supported home living services and you or your family need someone to stay with you.  A staff member can stay with you at your home or you can stay at another home provided through Angel Community Services. 

· Nursing –  Angel Community medical assessments and treatment are provided for all in our client family.  We also provide a Registered Nursing Staff available 24/7.

·  Dietary – Angel Community Services offers nutritional assessments and recommendations based on the specific dietary needs of its clients.

· Day Habilitation -This Angel Community service allows participation for up to 6 hours per day, 5 days per week.  Angel Community provides help learning, retaining, and improving self-help and socialization skills, as well as providing the adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in the community.

· Speech Therapy - A set of comprehensive services, which include providing prevention, screening, consultation, assessment and diagnosis, treatment, intervention, management, counseling, and follow-up services.

· Occupational Therapy- This Angel Community service provides skilled treatment to help individuals achieve independent functionality in all aspects of their lives. Services include: assessing needs, developing a treatment plan, determining therapeutic intervention, training, helping with adaptive aids, and consulting with the family and provider.

· Physical Therapy  - This service assists individuals in improving their range of motion and physical functionality as well as retaining and increasing their physical conditioning. Services include: needs assessment, developing a treatment plan, determining therapeutic intervention, training, assistance with adaptive aids, and consulting with the family and provider. 

· Audiology – This Angel Community service provides a licensed audiologist to assess and direct therapeutic intervention and training, as well as to provide consultation with individuals, their family members, and service providers.   

· Behavioral Therapies – Behavioral specialist services are offered and focused on assessing, developing, modifying, and improving the cognitive and affective skills of a client.

· Supported Employment  - This service helps sustain paid employment for individuals who, because of their disability, require intensive, ongoing support to perform in a work setting. Supported employment must be provided at work sites in which persons without disabilities are also employed.  Services include adaptations, supervision, and training, as related to the individual’s diagnosis.

· Dental -  This service pays $1,000 per individual plan of care year.  Benefits include emergency, preventive (including routine examinations), and therapeutic dental treatment.

· Adaptive Aids - This service provides adaptive aids that assist with mobility, assist with communication, or treat, rehabilitate, prevent, or compensate for conditions resulting in disability or loss of function. (Adaptive aids are devices, controls, or appliances that enable users to maintain or increase their abilities to perform the activities of daily living or to control their environment.) (up to $10,000 annually)

· Minor Home Modification - Modifications could include installing rails in a bathroom, and/or widening a door for a wheelchair. The modification must be approved by a therapist and/or doctor and the Department of Aging and Disability Services (Lifetime $7,500).

                       Dalinda Ontiveroz                               Sherrye Nail
     CEO                                                                    CEO
                       (940) 456-4116                                                  (940) 456-4288

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